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18th-Oct-2008 03:50 am - Hatha Yoga Community
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25th-Apr-2006 05:36 pm - The Ten Rules of Mind Science

In this topic I am going to attempt to share with those who might be interested, mind knowledge information that can only be found in the knowledge of various secret societies.

This information is based on the concept that the mind has the power to manipulate creation. For the most part, this information will be based on the knowledge that was given to those who followed the ancient path of the "Way of the Green Witch". It is my opinion that the more one understands the power of one's own mind the better off we all are.

Some would say that knowledge is dangerous in the wrong hands. To you I would say that knowledge is more dangerous in the hands of the few than it is in the hands of the many.


All knowledge can be used by "Dark Path" folk and "Light Path" folk equally. Your only limitation is how awake you are and the amount of knowledge that you possess.

It should be noted that over time "Good" will win over "True Evil". The reason for this is because "Evil" is by nature self destructive. It is built into their psychological profile.

So caution about the use of knowledge is not aimed at "True Evil" it is aimed at those who are "evil want to be's". The use of "Dark Side" power against "Dark Side" power basically boils down to who is the slickest and/or the biggest. "Dark Side" power when used against folk who are "Truly Good" will boomerang! This phenomenon is built into the system. "Truly Good" needs no other defense. Again caution is the word of the day. :)


What you feel and what you visualize affects your body, other people’s body, and/or creation in general. Your only limitation is how awake you are.

Creation (and your body is a chunk of creation) is composed of manifested thought. Most of this thought that is creation was created by God. But, we as God's babies have the ability to manifest thought also. And for the most part are doing so in a subconscious way.

So why are not things happening the way I wish it to, you say. First of all they probably are. There is a lot that goes on in our subconscious mind that we don't realize. Second of all the problem is mass. You are competing with over six billion people. All of which are creating their version of reality.

In an ideal world you would create a reality the fits or meshes nicely with the six billion other realities being created. If you could do this you would be surprised on how fast things can happen. Most of us are in conflict with others realities. The reality that we wish to create for the most part steps on other folks realities more or less generally more.

The more others that the reality you are trying to create meshes with the easier it is to manifest your reality. The reason for this is because the others will help you or at least not hinder you.

mind-body connection and destiny or not. These two questions along with "What the heck is God?" are the oldest questions. There is a million answers to those questions and a billion reasons why those answers are right.

Now if we took all the questions and all the answers and put them together we still wouldn't be able to answer those questions. The reason for this is: Creation has a minimal of two percent creativity of its own.

Generally Creation is a "set pattern" reality, but every once in a while Creation will just spontaneously change out of the clear blue. It has nothing to do with you or me or God. It is just built into the system. A "set pattern" (predictable) reality is necessary for life to exist. The problem with "set pattern" realities is that they over time become stagnant and rotten. So to keep this from happening Creation will just out of the clear blue, no rhyme or reason, stir things up. When this happens it becomes "Adapt or Die". Ain't life grand!

Now with the above said what about mind over matter?

To me, knowing the mind knowledge of the Ancients, gives a person an edge. A significant edge actually. Speaking from my own experience I can do a lot of things mind wise, but I can not do everything. I can heal myself to a certain extent, I can heal others to a certain extent, I hear other people’s thoughts to a certain extent, there are a lot of things that I can do to a certain extent. At the same time there are folks out there who can do way more things then I can. And my major goal is to not piss them off, :) Ok?

The first series of mind exercises of the "Way of the Green Witch" if done seriously, will in one years time cause a person to wake up one day and go " Whoa! Who Knew!" This is is a given. If when one can use the crown of "Mother Nature" and the pentacle and they do, this "Whoa! Who Knew!" will be somewhat bigger. The more you are charged with the "Life Force" the more awake you will be and the more power you will have access to. This power can be used to dink with creation, other people, and/or to download knowledge from the "What Ever It Is". :)

The yogis have ways to charge themselves with the "Life Force", the mystics have ways to charge themselves with the "Life Force", and the "Way of the Green Witch" has ways to charge ones self with the "Life Force". Personally I prefer the method of the "Way of the Green Witch". It is simpler, faster, and safe.

healing others without recharging can have dire results. In an ideal world one would study how to be in union with God's life force before they tried to heal others. This way the drain would be on God and God not only doesn't mind, but God also is very very big. This is why the ancient Green Witches had such tremendous healing powers.

To tell a person who is sick that it is all their fault is wrong, period. There are way too many variables to why things happen to place blame pretty much anywhere, let alone on the person who has the misfortune to be sick.

Why can't the mind heal the body? Answer: For the most part the mind doesn't want to. There are times that the body is flawed or ruined somehow beyond repair, but for the most part the mind allows the body to be sick.

The people who are the healthiest are the people who have a strong love for something. And really it doesn't matter what. People who can heal others also have this feeling of strong love. Heart emotional energy! :)

You can not heal a person who doesn't want to be healed! Maybe if you are strong enough you can heal them for a bit, but that is about it. It should be mentioned that we are not talking about the battle between good and evil here, that is a bit different, what we are talking about is just normal everyday stuff.

If there are not things in your life that cause you to feel love, heart emotional energy, you are a goner. When the Heart Center shuts down, for whatever reason, the thymus and pituitary shut down also. You can run on the energy of the pineal gland for a while, but that is reserve energy and when it runs out "ker Plinky".

Because the minds functions are based, for the most part, on your psychological set up, you are normally pretty much screwed if your life experience doesn't mesh with the way your mind thinks things should be. And changing one's psychological set up (the way the mind thinks things should be) is a bitch.

Luckily you can bypass this psych stuff and stimulate your autonomic nervous system directly with your mind

[But, but, but...What of the person who is deliriously happy in life and has the world by the tail, and bam! Terminal cancer, or AIDS, or Lupus, etc.?? Are these not people who want to be healed?]

The kind of people that you are talking about don't die of disease. They die of some freak fatal accident right out of the clear blue or they die in their sleep.

What you see in others is their social personality. The things that are really going on in their mind you don't see and for the most part they don't either. If you or they do see it, you have to be on your toes because it goes by really quick. The only way that you can truly know what is going on in the background of another person’s mind is to allow your mind to become their mind. In star trek this is called a mind meld, in parapsychology this is call a deep empathic experience, and in yoga this is called "samadhi" (becoming that which is being meditated upon).

If one has this empathic ability and they try to explain to another person what is going on in the back ground of the other person's mind the first thing that is going to happen is denial, the second thing that will happen will be anger and hostility, the third thing that will happen will be flight, and the fourth thing that will happen if you continue to push will be a ruined person.

To put things simply most everybody's personality structure/identity/self concept is based on a very intricate system of defensive mechanisms. These defensive mechanisms are established to protect a person from the "ultimate fear". This fear (and I know that you are going to disagree with me :) "Hugs") is "vulnerability". The defensive mechanisms are designed to protect the person form the "ultimate fear", these mechanisms explain to the person why they have permission to feel power. If you take away a person’s permission the feel power they get sick and die. If life takes away a person's permission to feel power or if a person even thinks that life has taken away their permission to feel power they get sick and die.

It turns out that a person will choose death over facing the "ultimate fear" and this decision will be made in the person's "subconscious mind". This decision is not only hidden from you but it is also hidden from the person themselves. And the sad part of it is that this loss of "permission to feel power" is generally based on a reason that is totally unreal.

lets kick a few of these around:

Somebody who is constantly being told that they are worthless and believe it.

Somebody that is constantly ignored and needs others to affirm their existence.

Somebody who is forced to notice others but is incapable of doing it.

Somebody who is being forced to do something that they are afraid to do.

Somebody who thinks they are God's gift and find out that they are not.

Somebody who has to face change.


Basically anything that causes a person to feel powerlessness, for what ever reason. Normally we all have concepts in our identity that gives us permission to feel that we have control over something and/or permission to feel self worth. These things tell us that we are not vulnerable because we have power. I am important because my guppies need me they are more vulnerable that I am. I am important because my little dog loves me and there for I exist, I am noticed. I am important because I have a lot of money and people have to do what I say. The reasons are endless. The reasons are not real. Take away the reasons and you ruin the person.

It comes down to the point that the only power that person has left is to one way or another take their own life. This is what makes depression so dangerous.

Now what makes things even worse is that a person's personality is set in concrete. I have to be the way I am or I am vulnerable. Anything that suggests or requires a personality change will be met with denial, then anger, then flight, and then depression. What make things unreal is that there are six billion different personality versions, so how can yours be the only one that works. Yet try to change your basic personality and watch what happens.

1) Your mind is a thought generator.
2) Creation is a manifestation of thought.
3) Creation has a minimal two percent creativity of its own.
4) What ever you throw out into creation comes back at you.
5) Approach God/Goddess through unconditional love.
6) Allow creation to be creative (this is a tricky one).
7) You are not God/Goddess, just one of His/Her babies.
8) Desire rules! Know your desires because they are your world and your future.
9) Will is your downfall (The DayStar append: Unless your will is empowered by: "Yes we can do this.")
10) I is your gift to God/Goddess.

The ancients considered that understanding these ten rules gave a person the ability to play in creation as a true offspring of the God/Goddess.

For those of you who want to work magic here is my take on it: If you trust the Goddess, creation will play with you in a "helping" way. It just will. :) And it will play with you in a way that gives you a "gift" that you would never have thought of. :) If you don't trust the Goddess then you are sort of in trouble and things become a crap shoot.

There is the other thing. Eighteen went into the water and thirty-nine came out of the water, and nobody knows where the extra came from. :) Now that is creation being creative. But it is real. Your "Will" properly focused can create a reality that you didn't ever think of. It can you know. If you allow creation to be creative and trust creation to be on your side (And this has nothing to do with a higher source) interesting things happen. All you have to do, is know your true desires. If your desires (hidden) are to destroy yourself, then creation will oblige you. If your desires are not to destroy yourself and that creation be a team player, then creation will. Creation will come up with stuff that you have never thought and that you will consider a gift. :) How does John do what he does? I don't anything, creation does. I allow creation to be creative. I expect a gift, I recognize it when it happens, and take advantage of it and I continue on. This is one of the reasons that I am a master. I can invoke the Goddess and she will help me. But if I know what I am up to, then so will creation. It will you know. That 2 percent of creativity that creation has on its own, can work for you or against you. What makes you a master is when it actually works for you. If your desire is to find a way to help those that you care about, then "allowing creation to be creative" is an awesome gift. Your will has the power to help others in totally unexpected ways. Creation is a tool. How you use that tool is whether or not you will survive the final judgement. Ain't life grand!

I don't really turn myself over to Creation. Creation is me and I allow me to help me. It is like your body is you. It is either a gift or it is a pain. And sometimes it is both. We are baby gods, whether we are adopted or not, there seems to be two schools of thought on that one. Getting folk to their Parent so that their Parent can make them the gift of their true heritage is what the challenge is all about. :) The gift of that heritage are wonders that are totally beyond the knowledge of this world. It is like saying to a child, "You should go to school and learn stuff" and the child says "No! I won't ever need that stuff anyway!" The truth is you don't go to school because you need that stuff. You go to school because that stuff will enhance your life experience. It gives you more freedom to explore things. How do you explain that to a child? I don't know. Jesus worked miracle after miracle and then He said you can do this too! People just looked at each other and said "Yah right! Sure we can." The Goddess folk worked miracle after miracle and said you can do this too! And people just looked at each other and said, "Yah right! Sure we can." The truth is I am just on the edge of understanding this stuff and it is just starting to work in my life. I know that it is real I am experiencing it. Oh yes that brings us back to the question of "illusion". :) It is an illusion, it is one that we are all trapped in.

The story of the last three rules. If you take what I posted in the wisdom of a woodwizard about the three silver white sheen balls and apply things to the last three rules of MY [mind yoga], then things get interesting.

The first silver white sheen ball is "Desire", Desire Rules. The second silver white sheen ball is "Will", Will is your downfall. And the third silver white sheen ball is "I" and your gift to God. "Desire" "Will" "I" to be at one with God.

"Desire" is the door to Samadhi (oneness) with God. Your "Will" is God's "Will" (which ever way you want to take it and no "Will" when it comes to God is the only safe way). And "I" is your gift to God. "Self" is a mind concept that prevents us from becoming at on with God.

Now the "Key" to the whole thing is is understanding that your mind can never comprehend the experience of oneness with God. And that the understanding that you receive from being at one with God, is an understanding that is beyond your mind.

"Will" is a tricky thing. It is you know. :) Goddess/God won't go against your will, and if you are pesky She/He will just give you what you are asking for, and just let you sort out the mess. "Will" is the push of our nature. It empowers us. Our first experience with "Will" is the first time we say "no!" and get away with it. From then on it is a contest, our "Will" against the "Will" of others. If you say "yes", then you are bending to the other persons "Will" and your "Will" is being sacrificed. And you are no longer personally empowered.

The problem is that NO! does not cover every situation. Eventually you end up cutting your nose off to spite your face. And over time you find yourself in a world of hassle that is quite unpleasant. At that point you are in a dilemma, you are damned if you do and you are damned if you don't, if you can't say No!, then you are no longer empowered, and if you do say No! you get yourself into a world of hurts. :) And then there is this: If those around you allow you to say No! and they bend to your "Will", then you become God and no one can handle being God. So you become self destructive until someone actually tells you No!, and actually gets away with it. Or you destroy yourself somehow. And that is the world of "Will" being empowered by the word No!.

So ok, there is also the world of "Will" being empowered by the word "yes". Yes I can do this and yes we can do this. When your "Will" is empowered by the word "yes", then your hassle quotient goes down and for the most part is manageable and a positive experience. And your problems with the Goddess/God are, well actually you don't have any

You said that there is an exception to every rule. I said that I have not found one in the "ten rules of ame". I made these rules up and you called me on it, and you were right! Ah man! :) I read the dictionary definition of "Will" and it was positive. When most of us study ourselves and what legend says about ourselves, "Will", ours, is a major problem. But it turns out that there are people, where this is not a problem. Who knew, I didn't. Everybody that I know is empowered by no, except my wife. She is a "we can do this" type of a person. She has always been an enigma to me. I knew that she was a gift, it just was, "How do you do that?" Some people have a positive "Will" and they don't have to deal with the conflict that most of us others have to deal with. And the sad part is that the history and wisdom that we have received (and please correct me if I am wrong) from legend, does not mention "positive will". If you are a "positive will" person you don't have to give your "Will" to Goddess/God, because you are already a team player! Whoa! Who knew? I am a "Will" empowered person who is empowered by "No!". And I am good at it! I really am. :) Now I know why I have so many problems in reality. I know that I can't say "No!" always, but I am still fighting for that one more "No!". I don't want to be "bad", so I look for "bad", so that I can use my "gifts" to fight for that one more "No!" and have permission for that one more "No!", so that I can feel empowered. Ah man! Who dinked with legend and didn't tell us that there was a "positive Will" reality? I spent my whole life trying to find a way to help others find a way out of a "negative will" reality as a "negative will" person and I didn't know that there was actually a "positive will" reality. Argg! My world just got turned upside down.

About our power over "nature": When Babaji stepped me into permanent oneness with God, he overrode my "Will". His will was stronger than mine. My will said no and his will said yes and yes prevailed. He was also a bit sneaky about it, I thought that I was passing a test and there was no test. I was showing off and off I was showed. :) There are wills out there that are stronger that ours. A voodoo witch/doctor is an example, They can take away your will to live and they can do it from three or more thousand miles away. I never would have believed it if I hadn't experienced it. And anybody who would do something that ugly to another person should rot in hell forever. Anyway that is not for me to judge. So how about this? If your will was absolute DayStar :) where would you end up? Maybe your will is not absolute because you don't want it to be. I don't mean everybody, I mean just you. You are different. You have wisdom and with wisdom comes power. Power that for the most part the wise never use.

About perfection: Perfection as we know about it is a "this world’s" concept. Like Flora's sig quote about using morals to lead mankind around by the nose. In "Heaven" perfection is different and is actually never thought about. Heavenly perfection and Heavenly knowledge is not sought, it is actually a side effect to being yoked to the Goddess/God. And you don't have to be "this world's" definition of perfect to become yoked to the Goddess/God. One of my Christian mystic yoga students once said that she bows/kneels at the feet of Jesus because of the fact that she is so imperfect, so flawed. I asked her, did you ever think about standing up and giving Jesus a "hug"? That she had never thought about: How can imperfection ever think about giving "Perfection" a "Hug"? I said: Give it a try and watch what happens. I don't know, I give the Goddess and Jesus and Shiva a "hug" all the time and every time I do, Whoa!, things become different in an awesome loving way. I don't ask for anything, I just give them a "Hug" and reality changes in a positive way. I don't know if they are perfect or not. But I do know this: They carry a lot of "Unconditional Positive Love!" and they don't mind sharing it.

- John Michael Scott

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25th-Apr-2006 05:35 pm - Union With God That Jesus Taught
Yoga means "yoked to God". Yoga Science is the science of how this is done. Some yogis claim that Jesus knew yoga science and that is why you should study it. It turns out that Jesus did know yoga science, but here is where the problem is: Jesus starts you out "Yoked to God" once you accept Him as your Lord and Savior. He does this through God's Holy Spirit. No yoga technique or tradition does this. And most of what is being called yoga and the spin offs of it today (Kundalini Yoga is one example), are teaching "Self Realization", which means that you are God, not one of His children.

From a yoga science stand point the best meditation that there is and which will also give you the quickest results without creating instability, is to "Feel yourself occupied by Jesus and feel his crown of thorns on your head and feel his hands and feet as your hands and feet. Then in your minds eye reach out with both arms and give all of God's loved ones a loving hug." If a person does this meditation very much, the eye of heaven will wake up, the crown of life will wake up, the tree of life will wake up, and rivers of living water will flow from your belly. It is awesome to experience/become all these things at once. And with Jesus these things will take you into the Family of God and far beyond any place that todays yogis can take you no matter what their tradition or technique is. So if you really want to have a look at things, give that one a try. It is the system of union with God that Jesus taught.
Revelations 11:1 is the key to it. A fellow was given a measuring stick and told to measure "The temple, the altar of the temple, and those that worship in the temple."

Our body is the temple. Our heart is the altar. And that which is being worshipped in the temple is the presence of "God" in the temple. What this fellow is measuring is the physiological changes that occur in the temple when the temple is actually physically occupied by God and this presence is honored, praised and worshipped from the altar of ones heart. These changes only occur when God is present in the temple and this presence is worshipped from the altar of the heart.

Based on my experience this is how it goes: At first God is a loved welcome guest in your house/temple. Over time your house becomes His house and you dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

- John Michael Scott

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